Automobile Insurance and Liability

The Automobile Physical Damage coverage provides collision and comprehension coverage for University owned vehicles. Vehicles insured for automobile physical damage have a minimum replacement value of $2500. Beginning July 1, there will be no deductible on state vehicle physical damage claims unless it is found our driver hit a fixed object or were following too closely.

Drivers operating University vehicles must have a valid (and appropriate)class drivers’ license for the vehicle being driven, have completed the Driver Acknowledge Form, and use vehicles for University business only.

Automobile Liability coverage protects employees on University business against personal liability for damages arising out of the operation of state owned, personally owned, or short term rental vehicles. The auto liability program is included under the State Tort Claims Policy and General Liability.

Automobile Related Policies, Videos, and Tips
State of Georgia Vehicle Insurance Identification Card

Georgia Automobile Liability Insurance Identification Card (click here to print a card)

The cards should be placed in each state vehicle and should be presented as insurance verification.  Employees who use personal vehicles while engaging in official University business should also keep a card in their vehicle in case of an accident.

In the event of an accident, drivers should follow the accident reporting procedures outlined on the back of the insurance card and submit a Vehicle Accident Report Form.

Auto Program Training Videos

All employees are encouraged to view the Auto Liability and Driving Do’s and Don’ts videos located at After you have watched the videos, please provide your feedback and comments about the video.


Last updated: 7/5/2017

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