Fuel Operations

Wright Express Fuel Card

In March of 2004 the University started issuing Wright Express fuel cards. These cards are
unique to a particular University vehicle and NOT to an individual. These cards may be used at
participating stations to purchase fuel, automotive supplies and minor maintenance. Wherever
possible, the Wright Express card should be used instead of other credit cards (personal credit
cards, corporate American Express) as the Wright Express card automatically deducts taxes for
which the University is exempt. In order to use the Wright Express card, the individual operator
must have a Personal Identification Number (PIN) assigned and must have attended Class C
Operator Training (see below). The Fuel Authorization Form on our web page may be used to
request a PIN. Persons desiring additional information on the Wright Express card may contact
the Purchasing Office at 912-478-2897 for details.

The campus fuel station should be the first choice source of fuel for University vehicles. If the fuel station is inoperable or vehicle is out of town, then vehicles may be fueled at off campus locations which accept the Wright Express fuel card.Class C Operator training:In August of 2012 the Georgia Environmental Protection Department (EPD) mandated that all employees responsible for dispensing fuel from an unattended key or card access pump must be trained in safety/emergency standards and procedures and pass a Class C Operator examination. Since the campus fueling station is an unmanned station, all personnel who request a Personal Identification Number for use with the WEX card will be required to obtain this certification. This certification need only be obtained once.

The course and examination are located in the University’s Building a Better U and may be
accessed as follows:

Log into MyGeorgiaSouthern.EDU

· Select “eLearning System (Building A Better U)”
· Select Catalog
· Select “Class C Operator Safety Course and Test”
· Select “Launch”
· Proceed With the Test Process
· Return to The Building-A- Better-U home screen
· Select MY Progress
· Select the Completed tab
· Find the corresponding course
· Select the red certificate

Last updated: 10/8/2013

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