Surplus Property


The Surplus Section is responsible for coordinating the disposal and acquisition of all surplus from/for University departments. This includes all equipment whether fit for use or beyond repair. University departments must follow established procedures for disposal and transfer of surplus to maintain accountability.


Departments may either bring surplus equipment to Surplus or request that ETS pick up the equipment. If bringing equipment directly to Surplus, ensure that it is accompanied by an Acquisition/Transfer of Equipment Form.  If pick up by ETS is desired, forward a copy of the Acquisition/Transfer Form to Property Control and go on-line to submit a work request through Facilities Services for ETS to schedule a pickup with the department. Surplus equipment not accompanied by proper documentation may be refused.  For equipment not listed on your departmental inventory, you may submit a work request with Facilities Services for ETS pick up.

Surplus Equipment Pool (located at ETS Warehouse):

Those surplus items in good, reusable condition will be held at the ETS Warehouse for a reasonable period of time to allow campus departments to “screen” the material. These items are made available free of charge to departments and can be screened between 8:00 AM – 12:00 Noon. Any item selected must be tagged with the following information: individual’s name, department, telephone number, date, and item description. A Surplus Requisition Form is available on site and must be completed by the department. Selected items must be picked up within five (5) working days or the material will again be available for screening or reported to State Surplus for redistribution within the State or sale to the public.  Departments wishing to have ETS deliver the equipment are responsible for submitting a service request form through Facilities Services.

Last updated: 10/8/2013

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