Team Assignments
Gold Team White Team Blue team
Houston Kirkland 8-0045 Addie Edwards 8-0350 Terri Mason 8-5538
Kelly Wood 8-8894 Ginger Jeffers 8-5683
Paul Barnes 8-0314 Colby Lamb 8-5175
Lindsey Michaud 8-2897
Commodity Team Assignments
Description Team/Buyer
2-Way Radio Equipment Blue
Advertising White
Appliances Blue
Art Supplies White
ATM Services Gold
Audio Video Equipment and Supplies Blue
Broadcasting White
Builder’s Supplies and Equipment (MRO) Blue
Clothing White
Computers White
Consulting Gold
Contracts * Houston Kirkland
Copiers White
Fuel Blue
Furniture (Classroom and Office) White
Grounds Equipment and Supplies Blue
Health and Medical Equipment and Supplies White
Instructional Media Products Blue and White
IT (except computers) Blue
Janitorial/Custodial Equipment and Supplies Blue
Material Handling Equipment and Supplies Blue
Musical Instruments and Accessories White
Office Equipment Blue
Postal Equipment and Supplies Blue
Printers White
Printing and Related Services Blue
Promotional Items (imprinted items, trophies, plaques) White
Public Safety Equipment White
Scientific and Laboratory Equipment and Supplies, Repair White
Security and Alarm Systems Blue
Signage Blue and White
Software Blue
Sport and Recreation Equipment White
Telecommunication Supplies and Equipment Blue
Transportation (Air and Bus Charter) Gold
Vehicles Blue

(*) Note:  Contracts are not necessarily team specific.  Departments should contact the Contract Administrator above to determine who is responsible for which contract.

Contracts Administered by Other Offices

Physical Plant

  • Repair and Renovation of Buildings/Grounds/Infrastructure/Utilities
  • New Construction
  • Architect and Engineering Services
  • Construction Consulting

Legal Affairs

  • Lecturers and Entertainers
  • Commercial Sponsorships
  • Intellectual Property
  • Real Estate
  • Revenue contracts
  • Software licenses where no purchasing is involved
  • Grants and Service contracts as referred by ORSSP
  • Cooperative Memoranda of Understanding with other institutions/agencies

Last updated: 11/14/2017

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