FY 2020 Budget Services Master Calendar

PPV ReportingOctober 1, 2019FY 2019 Cash Flow Submittals (PPV Projects) due to System Office
Budget DevelopmentOctober 1 – 15, 2019VPBF consolidates all budget development documents and prepares final file for President and VPs
Budget DevelopmentOctober 1 – 15, 2019President and VPs review and prioritize budget development documents
Graduate TuitionOctober 1 – 15, 2019AA receives templates on graduate and professional tuition
Budget DevelopmentOctober 17 – 22, 2019Final review of budget hearing documents by President and VPs 
Budget DevelopmentOctober 23, 2019FY 2021 Funding Request and Budget Hearing Documents due to System Office
Auxiliary ReviewOctober 28 -30, 2019Auxiliary Services Q1 review
Athletics ReviewOctober 28 – 30, 2019Athletics Q1 review
Mandatory FeesOctober 28 – 31, 2019Student Affairs to identify and invite students to mandatory fee presentation
PPV ReportingNovember 1, 201910-year Cash Projections, FY 2019-2029, due to VPBF
Elective FeesNovember 2, 2019VPs receive list of existing fees and templates for fee changes/requests
Mandatory FeesNovember 4, 2019Mandatory Fee forms due to VPBF for review
Business PlanNovember 4, 2019Five Year Auxiliary Business Plans due to VPBF for review
Mandatory FeesNovember 18 -22, 2019FY 2021 Mandatory fees presented to student fee committee for approval
Budget Hearing FY 2021November 20, 2019FY 2021 budget hearing templates are due to System Office
PPV ReportingDecember 2, 201910-year Cash Projections, FY 2019-2029, due to System Office
Housing/DiningDecember 6, 2019FY 2021 Housing and Dining Rates due to VPBF  for review
Revenue ProjectionsDecember 6, 2019FY 2021 Revenue Projections due to VPBF for review and PC approval
Graduate TuitionDecember 16, 2019FY 2021 Graduate and professional program tuition due to VPBF for review
Mandatory FeesDecember 18, 2019FY 2021 Mandatory Fee requests due to System Office
Business PlanDecember 18, 2019FY 2021 Five Year Auxiliary Business Plans due to System Office
Revenue ProjectionsDecember 18, 2019FY 2021 Revenue Projections due to System Office
Housing/DiningDecember 18, 2019FY 2021 Housing and Dining Rates due to System Office
Elective FeesJanuary 17, 2020FY 2021 Elective Fees and Special Charges due to VPBF for review
Graduate TuitionJanuary 17, 2020FY 2021 Base Graduate and Professional Program tuition requests due to System Office
Auxiliary ReviewJanuary 27 – 29, 2020Auxiliary Services Q2 review
Athletics ReviewJanuary 27 – 29, 2020Athletics Q2 review
Budget PrepJanuary – February 2020Budget managers review permanent Departmental Budget Amendment Business Objects report to determine if permanent adjustments need to be made.  (Please be sure to review all fund 14000 DS&S budgets for revenue adjustments.)
Year End CloseFebruary 1, 2020Review funding on lump sum positions (Students, Graduate Assistants, Casual Labor)
Budget PrepFebruary 3, 2020If you are planning a college, division, or departmental reorganization, please contact the Budget Office as soon as possible to obtain a copy of the reorganization template.  Reorganizations take a considerable amount of time but we can work with you to incorporate this data into the FY2021 Original Budget.  Reorganizations include moving positions from one department to another, consolidating two or more departments into a single department, or dividing a department into two or more departments.  Reorganizations and new department requests should be submitted to the Budget Office by March 2, 2020.
Elective FeesFebruary 3, 2020Elective Fees and Special Charges (Misc Fees) due to System Office
Budget DevelopmentFebruary 15, 2020* (tentative date)USG Budget Hearing
Budget PrepMarch 2, 2020All permanent budget amendments not already submitted to the Budget Office must be received by this date to be included on the FY2021 budget schedules.  This includes transfers from Operating (700000) to Equipment (800000) for equipment leases.  Transfers received after this date will be amended into the FY2021 budget in July 2020
Budget PrepMarch 23 – 27, 2020Budget Office will hold Banner trainings for merit entry
Budget PrepApril 1, 2020Budget extract from OneUSG at 8am.  The extract will include employees currently in the system as of 3/31/2020
Budget PrepApril 1 – 3, 2020Budget Office will verify budget data, calculate allocations, and prepare departmental packets.  The packets will include instructions and the amount of allocation by department, fund and class
Budget PrepApril 3, 2020Budget Office sends packets to VP Offices.  Each VP Office will distribute information to the departments
Budget PrepApril 3, 2020Budget office provides templates for Athletics, Auxiliary Services and Student Activity
Budget PrepApril 6 – 8, 2020The Budget Office will open the Salary and Budget (merit) Worksheets for entry in BANNER.  Once you receive your packet, departments will prepare worksheets and assign merit increases to employees.  The Budget Office will close merit system access at 5pm on April 8th
Budget PrepApril 9, 2020Vice Presidents submit signed, printed (single-sided) worksheets to the Vice President of Business and Finance by Noon
Budget PrepApril 9, 2020Athletic, Auxiliary and Student Activity budget (revenue and expense) spreadsheets are due to Budget Office by Noon
Budget PrepApril 9 – April 30, 2020Budget Office prepares FY2021 Original Budget
Auxiliary ReviewApril 27 – 29, 2020Auxiliary Services Q3 review
Athletics ReviewApril 27 – 29, 2020Athletics Q3 review
Budget PrepMay 1, 2020FY 2021 Original Budget due to the System Office
Year End CloseMay 29, 2020Current year departmental budget amendments due to Budget Services
Year End CloseJune 1, 2020Budget Sweep – remaining nonpersonal service budget balances over $10,000 will be reduced to $10,000 (E&G only)
Year End CloseJuly 5, 2020Deadline for printing/downloading final copies of the FY 2019 Budget Office Business Objects reports (FY 2019 will not be available after this date)
Year End CloseJuly 11, 2020Deadline for printing/downloading final copies of the FY 2019 Business Objects Financial Reports and DS&S Reports (FY 2019 reports will not be available after this date)

Past Calendar Dates

Budget DevelopmentAugust 1 – 31, 2019Departments/Centers/Units develop FY 2021 new funding requests and complete budget development templates
Business PlanSeptember 1 – 10, 2019Departments/Centers/Units receive five year auxiliary business plan templates, statistical information and CVIOG projections
Budget DevelopmentSeptember 1 – 15, 2019Colleges and Major Units (Deans/Directors/AVPs) finalize Budget Development documents
Housing/DiningSeptember 1 – 15, 2019Auxiliary Services receive Housing and Dining templates
Business PlanSeptember 1 – 30, 2019 Departments/Centers/Units develop auxiliary five year business plans
Mandatory FeesSeptember 1 – 30, 2019Departments/Centers/Units complete mandatory fee documents
Budget DevelopmentSeptember 16 – 30, 2019VPs review budget development documents with direct reports

Last updated: 10/3/2019

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