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Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) FAQs

Where do I find information regarding the SHIP benefits, premiums and plan details?
Visit UnitedHealthcare StudentResources.

Who is eligible to be enrolled in the SHIP?
All students currently enrolled in 6 or more credit hours per semester are eligible to be insured under this plan. Some specific students are automatically charged the insurance premiums for the MANDATORY plan based on the program they are enrolled in. Others may enroll in the VOLUNTARY plan.

Who is automatically charged the MANDATORY plan premiums on their tuition bill?
F1, J1 Visa, Graduate Assistants, students who are enrolled into Allied Health are charged the student health insurance premiums along with their tuition.

Can I enroll my spouse or dependents in the plans?
Yes. After you have enrolled in either plan, spouse or dependents can be added to the coverage.

I have been charged the MANDATORY plan premiums with my tuition. I have my own insurance plan, what do I do?
If you do not want to enroll in the MANDATORY plan, go to the UnitedHealthcare StudentResources school page to provide information on your current plan and apply for a waiver. The plan must meet the minimum SHIP requirements. You must receive an approved waiver for the premium charges to be removed from your account.

What are the minimum requirements for my waiver to be approved?
Please view our USG Student Health Insurance Plans page.

How often are Waivers completed?
You must complete a waiver application for each semester. The application must be submitted prior to the deadline.

After I complete the Waiver, how long does it take to approve or deny it?
You will receive either a preliminary approval or denial after you submit the waiver application. If approved, it will take 7-10 business days to receive a credit/refund of the SHIP charges on your student account.

Who do I contact if my waiver is denied?
If you think that your insurance plan meets the minimum requirements and your waiver was denied, send an email to for assistance.  Include your name and Eagle ID.

If I do not have an insurance plan and want to have coverage under the MANDATORY plan, do I have to enroll in the plan, or will the university enroll me?
If you were charged the MANDATORY plan premiums with your tuition, the university does not enroll you in the plan. You must enroll on-line at the UnitedHealthcare StudentResources school page. Once in the link, select “Enroll Now”. Then create an account.

Can I voluntarily enroll in the plan if I am taking at least 6 hours of credit hours?
Yes. To enroll go to UnitedHealthcare StudentResources. Payments must be made on-line at the time of enrollment via credit card or electronic check. You must enroll prior to the deadline. Once in the link, you will need to create an account and then enroll in the plan.

Please view our USG Student Health Insurance Plans page for further information.

How do I get my insurance card?
Once you enroll in either plan, you can print a temporary insurance card and can request a card to be sent to you.

Last updated: 8/25/2021