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Automobile Insurance and Liability

The Automobile Physical Damage coverage provides collision and comprehension coverage for University owned vehicles. Drivers operating University vehicles must have a valid (and appropriate)class drivers license for the vehicle being driven, have completed the Driver Acknowledgement Form, and use vehicles for University business only.

Automobile Liability coverage protects employees on University business against personal liability for damages arising out of the operation of state owned, personally owned, or short term rental vehicles. The auto liability program is included under the State Tort Claims Policy and General Liability.

FY2024 Georgia Automobile Liability Insurance Identification Card

The cards should be placed in each state vehicle and should be presented as insurance verification.  This card should be carried by every state employee that operates a University, rental, or personal vehicle while conducting official University business. The state does not monetarily cover any damages to personal vehicles if used for official University business. 


In the event of an accident, the employee should notify the proper police authority from the scene of the accident and seek any medical attention that is necessary. Make sure to get the report number and other pertinent information including information for any 3rd parties involved. All accidents must be reported to your supervisor as soon as possible.

  • University Vehicle – For University vehicle accidents, drivers should follow the accident reporting procedures as outlined on the bottom of the Georgia Insurance Identification Card and contact 877-656-7475 (Net Claims) to report accidents within 48 hours. 
  • Rental Vehicle – For rental vehicle accidents, drivers should contact the rental agency to report the incident as soon as possible. 
  • Personal Transport Vehicle – For utility/golf cart accidents that occur on our campuses, the department should contact Risk Management to report the incident as soon as possible. Risk Management will guide the department on needed documentation and any further actions required.

Vehicle Accident Report Form
In the event of an accident, drivers should follow the accident reporting procedures outlined above and submit a vehicle accident report form.

Driver Notification Form
Employees are required to use this form to notify their supervisor of activities that may affect their eligibility to operate a motor vehicle for state business.

Safety and Training

Driver Safety Tips

15 Passenger Van Safety

Driving Do’s and Don’ts

Last updated: 6/8/2023