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Financial Services

Name Phone(912) email Title
Durden, Belinda 478-5228 Director of Business Services
Janney, Justin 478-5224 Associate Vice President/CFO
Kerner, Patrice 344-2681 Banking & Investment Manager

Budget Office

Name Phone(912) email Title  
Barnes, Paul 478-0023 Budget Analyst II  
Conner, Sonya 478-7074 Senior Accounting Assistant  
Hutchins, Ashtyn 478-0023 Budget Analyst I  
LeGree-Parks, Virginia 478-7678 Budget Analyst II  
Lewis, DeAnn 478-8502 Information Analyst  
Smith, Rebecca 478-1773 Budget Analyst I  
Waters, Brandi 478-7769 Director  

Bursar’s Office

Name Phone(912) email Title
Davis, Carlotta 478-0020 Cashier Supervisor
Douberly, Megan 478-2476 Assistant Director
Driggers, Mary 478-1264 Sr. Accounting Assistant
Durden, Cindy 478-0428 Director
Henry, William 478-0341 Assistant Manager
Lang, Angela 478-0727 Business Manager
Lustgarten, Elizabeth 478-5404 Accounts Counselor
McCullough, Kim 478-0020 Cashier
Martin, Destiny 478-0020 Cashier
Olmstead, Keri 478-5007 Collection
Williams, Germain 478-8663 Sr. Accounting Assistant

Financial Accounting

Name Phone(912) email Title
Bowden, Shalah 478-1699 Assistant Manager
Braun, Ashley 478-5650 Accounting Assistant
Dove, Emily 478-5445 Business Manager
Fletcher, Alexis 344-2858 Payroll Assistant
Francis, Debra 478-5595 Business Manager
Kirkland, Sybil 344-2895 Accounts Payable Assistant
Lamb, Amber 478-0622 Payroll Assistant
Lamb, Colby 478-7552 Accountant
Mackelprang, Mercedes 478-5044 Accountant II
Mikell, Thomas 478-5224 Director of Financial Accounting
Mock, Jessica 478-5210 Payroll Assistant
Nunnally, Karen 478-1266 Accountant
Reid, Vickie 478-5009 Business Manager
Robinson, Briunna 478-7484 Accountant I
Scott, Laura 478-0621 Payroll Assistant II
Snowden, Summer 478-7800 Accounting Assistant
Stewart, Wanda 478-0626 Accountant I
Yother, Christy 478-5319 Business Manager
Zeigler, Deanna 478-0224 Accountant I

Procurement and Logistical Services

Name Phone(912) email Title
Browning, Jill 478-0314 Buyer 1
Burch, Daphne 478-5054 Director
Deal, Marshall Garrett 478-5386 SEAL 1
DeLoach, Laurie 478-5386 Central Receiving Supervisor
Edwards, Addie 478-0350 Purchasing Supervisor
Edwards, Shaun 478-5023 Property Control Supervisor
Hersey, Jessica 478-5714 Card Administrator
Juneau, Steven 478-8436 Delivery Worker
Kirkland, Houston 478-0045 Associate Director
Lawrence, Dillian 478-0043 Shipping and Receiving Clerk
Lazo, Renzo 344-2770 Shipping and Receiving Clerk
McBride, Sherry 478-1071 Contract Administrator
Mason, Theresa 478-5538 Purchasing Supervisor
Michaud, Lindsey 478-5683 Buyer I
Morris, Corey 478-8136 SEAL Team
Pate, John 478-2768 Archivist
Rodriguez, Bryce 478-5136 SEAL II
Sandt, Owen Ellis 344-2770 Central Receiving Supervisor
Tremble, Lauren 478-2897 Staff Assistant
Wiggins, Darcell O.  478-7500 Shipping and Receiving Clerk
Wilson, Marcus 478-5226 Surplus Clerk
Wood, Kelly 478-8894 eProcurement Administrator

Research Accounting

Name Phone(912) email Title
Bowden, Shalah 478-1699 Assistant Manager
Dippolito, Jennifer 478-8530 Accountant I
Kilmer, Geri 344-3335 Budget Analyst II
Yother, Christy 478-5319 Research Accounting Manager

Last updated: 3/22/2023