Fuel Station

The Fuel Station is located behind the Residential Facilities building (Bldg 439) at 3283 Old
Register Road, Statesboro, GA 30458. It is open to authorized users seven days a week, 24
hours per day.

The Fuel Station is operated by personnel assigned to Facility Services.

The campus fuel station should be the first choice source of fuel for University vehicles. If the
fuel station is inoperable or vehicle is out of town, then vehicles may be fueled at off campus
locations which accept the Wright Express fuel card.

User Operation: In order to fuel a vehicle, it is necessary to have the Wright Express card
assigned to the vehicle and the “Personal Identification Number” of the person refueling. Use of
another vehicle’s Wright Express Card and/or another person’s PIN is prohibited. A PIN can be
requested by contacting the Procurement Office. Directions for operation are on the screen at the
fuel station. To use the system the driver must swipe the correct card, enter their individual pin,
choose the pump, enter the vehicle mileage (no tenths), remove the pump handle, and turn the
lever on.

Last updated: 1/22/2020

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