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Procurement Card

Georgia Southern University participates in the statewide procurement card program. This card is essentially a commercial VISA card issued through the Bank of America. The University has strict guidelines regarding the use of this card and the procedures associated with its use. Cardholders become authorized purchasing agents up to certain limitations and are required to follow specific rules regarding the expenditure of public funds. Card limits are normally $1,000 per transaction and monthly limits are normally $5,000. There are specific requirements regarding monthly submittals of charge slips, the ongoing maintenance of records and the safeguarding of the use of the card. State of Georgia and University policy requires cardholders participate in a training session prior to issuance of the card. Training is conducted by the Card Program Administrator in Procurement and Logistical Services. Individuals desiring a card must complete an application and have their Department Budget Manager, applicable Vice President, Vice President of Business and Finance, and P-Card Administrator approve it.

Last updated: 6/23/2022