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Annual Inventory

Annual Asset Inventories

Each fiscal year the University is required to conduct an inventory of assets.  The exact date(s) of these inventories were preselected (November – May) by department chairs and will be published in advance of the inventory by Property Control along with any additional information needed to complete the inventory.  A specific due date will be given for the completion of the inventory.  These due dates will be observed except that a department may request an extension to the inventory by sending an email to indicating how long an extension is needed and why.  Generally, extensions beyond thirty (30) days will NOT be granted except for special circumstances.

In order to allow department’s continuous access to their asset inventory, departmental inventories were placed on Business Objects and each department can gain access to this information.  The inventory contains all departmental assets greater than $3,000 unit price with a useful life of at least three (3) years.

Access to the Business Objects report is as follows:

  • Go to the Georgia Southern homepage
  • Select the “Campus Life” tab
  • Under Campus Services, Click On “Controller’s Office”
  • Under Other Links of Interest, Click on “Business Object Reports”
  • Click on “ # 2 A Logging into “Business Objects”
  • Enter USERNAME/Password the click on “Log On”
  • Click on “Public Folders”
  • Click on to “Assets/Inventory”
  • Click on “Departmental Inventory Report”
  • Enter USER ID and Banner USERNAME/Password then click “Finish”
  • Enter department number (i.e. 0340601, 0151001 etc.)
  • Click “OK”

Once you see your asset inventory it can be exported to Excel using the following procedures:

  • On the extreme upper left corner margin of the departmental inventory “left click” and select “Export Report”.
  • A Export Report Viewer Export box will appear and select as follows:
    • Click on drop down arrow to select “File Format”
    • After selecting a file format, assign a file name
    • Click on “OK”
    • You will then be asked if you wish to open the file.
    •  Select “Yes”.
    • You will then be able to print the file.  This print out will be used to conduct the inventory and is referred to hereafter as the “Inventory Report”.

The following forms will be used in conducting the departmental inventory.  These forms can be found on the Procurement and Contract Services homepage.

  • Authorization for Off Campus Use Form
  • Acquisition/Transfer of Equipment        
  • Go to the Georgia Southern homepage
  • Click on “Campus Life” tab
  • Click on “Procurement”
  • Click on Property Control”
  • Click on “Forms”
  • Scroll down to “Property Control Forms”

Forms can be printed for use.

When conducting the inventory, the department should start with the inventory report printed from Business Objects and the Access file of departmental computers provided by Property Control.

Instructions for completing the inventory

  • Conduct a physical inventory for all items listed on the asset inventory.
  • All changes made to reports must be done in RED INK.
  • Items listed on the Inventory Report List but not found:
    • If items are missing then mark them as “Missing” in the “Remarks” block on the Inventory Report.
    • If items were stolen the mark them as “Stolen” in the “Remarks” block on the Inventory Report.  For each item listed as stolen a copy of the police report must accompany the inventory upon turn in.
  • Items listed on the Inventory Report List missing but found:
    • Items listed with an “L” in the “Status” block on the Inventory Report are items currently listed as “Missing”.
    • For items that are found update the Location/PO ID section of the Inventory Report with the current location of the asset.
  • Items listed on the Inventory Report List as missing and still missing:
    • Leave as listed.
  • If an inventory decal is missing or unreadable:
    • Furnish the serial number and a brief description of the equipment in the “Remarks” block on the “Inventory Discrepancy Form”.  Also write in “new decal required”.
  • Items belonging to your department but not listed on the Inventory Report List:
    • Examples of these kinds of entries may include the following:
      • Departmental VISA purchases
      • Gifts/donations not reported to Property Control
      • Transfers of equipment from other departments.
    • Report these items on the “Inventory Discrepancy Form” using columns 1 to 6 and 8.
    • NOTE:  Documentation is required on all new acquisitions not obtained via purchase order.  Please include a copy of the award letter for donations/gifts and packing list or invoice for prior departmental VISA purchases.
    • Equipment received via a transfer from another department should be reported on the Inventory Discrepancy Form using columns 1 to 4 and 6.  Provide a copy of the Acquisition Transfer Form signed by each department head.
  • Items listed on your Inventory Report List which have been transferred to another department:
    • Indicate “Transferred” in the “Remarks” block on the Inventory Report and fill out columns 1 and 7 on the “Inventory Discrepancy Form”.
    • Provide a copy of the Acquisition/Transfer Form signed by each department head.
  • Items listed on your Inventory Report List which are currently not on campus:
    • All assets must be “physically” inventoried meaning those residing off campus should be returned to the campus for inventory.  The only exceptions are those returned to a vendor for repair or those residing out of state.
      In the latter case, it is the department head’s responsibility to make every effort to verify that the asset is still located at the remote site.
    • For all assets residing off campus, an “Authorization for Off Campus Use Form” should be on file in the department.  The forms are valid for one fiscal year and should be renewed each fiscal year.
  • Items listed on your Inventory Report List have an incorrect serial number:
    • Indicate the new serial number using blocks 1 to 4 on the “Inventory Discrepancy Form”.

General Inventory Instructions

  • Leading zeros in decal numbers may be disregarded.
  • Any decal prefix such as “P”, “M” or “C” must be included.
  • All locations containing a suffix of “99999” must be changed to a valid room number.  If a room number does not exist then use the main departmental office’s room number.
  • All assets must be identified using a building name and room number for location.
  • All vehicle locations for Georgia Southern University vehicles (license plated, street legal vehicles; not golf carts) use PHYPL1036A as a vehicle location regardless of the department.

Inventory Submission Procedures

  • Inventories will be submitted to Property Control (P.O. Box 8139) not later than the due date indicated for the inventory.
  • The following items will be turned in to Property Control:
    • Inventory Report
    • Inventory Discrepancy Form(s) (as required)
    • Authorization for Off Campus Use Form (as required)
    • Acquisition/Transfer Form (as required)
    • Inventory Cover Sheet with signature of Dean or Division Director.  All blocks on the Inventory Cover Sheet must be filled in prior to submittal.

Disposal of Inventoried Equipment

When equipment is no longer functional or needed, it must be transferred to the Property Control Office for on-campus reutilization, or turned over to the State Surplus Distribution Center, for redistribution or disposal as applicable by submittal of the Acquisition/Transfer form. Individual departments may not dispose of nor cannibalize equipment themselves. In accordance with State policy, the State has final authority over all functions, procurement and disposal of State owned property. Transfers, sales and destruction must be done by the Georgia Southern Property Control Office to ensure proper documentation and accountability is maintained. Prompt removal of unusable or surplus equipment helps prevent misplacement and loss of equipment items.

Last updated: 6/23/2022