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SEAL Team Procedures

Surplus Equipment, Archives & Logistics


The mission of the SEAL Team is to provide the University with a means to safely move, transport, and surplus University owned property and to store, retrieve, and destroy expired records and documents in accordance with the USG (University System of Georgia) retention guidelines.


  • The SEAL Team is under the office of The Director of Procurement and Logistical Services and reports directly to the Property Control Manager.
  • The SEAL Team is only authorized to move, transport, and surplus Georgia Southern University property and will not be utilized in the moving of faculty, staff, or student personal property.
  • The SEAL Team operates within the normal business hours of Procurement and Logistical  Services; Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm.
  • The SEAL Team is responsible for removal and delivery of surplus property and will only execute such after the proper forms have been completed and submitted to Property Control along with the department submitting a work order through the TMA system (found on MYGS page under facilities services banner).
  • All asset property items ($3,000 or greater in initial purchase value) which has a Property Control Tag affixed, must have a Transfer Form filled out completely and signed by the appropriate department chair or Dean. This form must be given to the SEAL Team upon removal/pickup of the item. If the item is located in Surplus Property and it has been selected by a department for delivery, the department will receive a copy of the transfer form upon delivery of the item by the SEAL Team and must sign in order for Property Control to transfer the item to the department’s physical inventory.
  • Property that is being sent to or received from another department, must be accompanied by a completed and signed Transfer Form, so that Property Control can move the item systemically into the correct physical inventory. The sender is required to fill out the initial Transfer form and once it has been delivered to another department, the receiver will sign in acknowledgement of receipt of such properties.
  • Work orders are assigned and completed generally in the order in which they are received. However, they can be assigned at the discretion of the Property Control Manager and/or SEAL Team Foreman when issues arise such as scheduling and logistical conflicts. Work orders that are vague in description or missing details and are termed with demands rather than requests could be delayed as the team must take steps to gather more information about the work order.
  • The SEAL Team will make every effort to complete a request in a timely manner. As mentioned above, the work orders will be completed as soon as possible. The requestor should try and submit the work order at least two weeks prior to the desired completion date. If the request is an emergency or a quick response request, the Property Control Manager will need to be contacted directly through either an email or phone call before a work order is to be submitted.
  • Office furniture and accessories that are University owned are generally assigned to a room, space, or common area and those items will not be moved by the SEAL Team due to a personal preference of a faculty member, staff member, or student. The item will only be moved if it is being surplussed, if the item is replacing a broken or worn item that is being surplussed, or if the office, space, or common area is being repurposed.
  • Any item that is attached physically to a room or building must be separated before the SEAL Team arrives. This would include shelves, desks, hutches, computers and peripherals, televisions, whiteboards, chalkboards, projector screens, etc.
  • Before moving any furniture, all items need to be removed from the surface and drawers/shelves. When the SEAL team arrives, the item must be ready to transport.
  • The SEAL Team will not move furniture or equipment that is leased, newly installed by a manufacturer, or under warranty in which movement will void the warranty.
  • The SEAL Team will not move an item around within the confines of the same space based on the personal preferences or request of the occupant unless it falls within the ADA (Americans with Disability Act), a safety issue is posed, or it is the persons first occupancy of the space. The Occupant of the space must be present when the SEAL team is there making the changes.
  • Moves due to remodeling, painting, etc. fall under the responsibility of Facilities staff and SEAL will only assist when needed by facilities.
  • Any work orders received that do not fall into the scope of SEAL Team responsibilities or limitations will be re-directed back to the TMA system as a Rejected Work Order.
  • Requests for the removal and storage of University Documents and Records must be accompanied by the Control Card (form found on forms page/link above) for each box.
  • Requests for retrieval of University Records and Documents must be directed through the Archives and Records Center.

Last updated: 3/23/2022