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Disposition Of Records Held In Storage

Disposition of Records Held in Storage

Annually in June, Archives and Records Management sends a Notice of Destruction Memorandum to each department having stored records which have fulfilled their legal retention period.  Attached to the Memorandum will be an inventory listing of records. Destruction of records will begin on July 1 unless the department has made contact with Archives and Records Management to retain records longer. Given limited storage space, records must be destroyed in a timely manner to make room for receipt of additional records.  Under no circumstances will Archives and Records Management destroy retained records without notifying the department prior to destruction.

Records will only be destroyed under the following circumstances:

  • The records must have fulfilled their retention guidelines time period.
  • Notification has been given to the responsible party within department.
  • Under the direction of the Director of Archives and Records Management.
  • Records are removed from their storage locations and destroyed in accordance with current procedures.
  • Permanent records of all destroyed records are maintained by the Director of Archives and Records Management.

Some records may require longer retention than originally scheduled.  This may be due to circumstances including pending litigation, research or audits.  The department should provide a written letter of justification to Archives and Records Management by deadline provided in Notice of Destruction Memorandum.

Last updated: 1/13/2021