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Retrieving Records From The Records Center


 The following methods may be used to request records from Archives:

 (*)  Only rush or emergency requests will be accepted by phone, fax, or drop in.  This is to ensure that a written copy of requests is maintained. Online is the preferred method.  Only personnel within the department may request those department records.

 The following information is required when requesting records:

  • Requestor’s name
  • Department
  • P.O. Box
  • Telephone number
  • Name or Identification of Requested Records
  • Box Number
  • Record Location Number
  • Specify if the check-out will be temporary or permanent
  • Once you have made your request, you can pick up the requested records from our warehouse at 375 Lanier Dr. or we will be happy to delivery them to your department.
  • Record retrieval (check out) requests will be completed by issuing the entire box to the requesting department rather than single files to maintain the accuracy of archived records inventory.
  • Records retrieved must be returned to the Records Center within thirty (30) days of check out.  The Records Center will send a reminder to the requesting department requesting the material be returned.
  • Should any changes be made to the contents of the box being returned, the department is responsible for notifying the Records Center so that inventory records can be updated.
  • If records are not returned within thirty (30) days, the records will be noted as permanently transferred back to the department.  If the records are subsequently returned to Records Center again after the 30 days, the records must be returned as if they are being submitted the first time. This means the records will require a new Control Card and be housed in a new box.

The Archives staff will pull requests for records as they are received.  Records are pulled on a first come, first served basis except for rush or emergency requests.  If records are needed immediately they would be designated as Rush. If the request is not designated as such, the records will be pulled and sent as outlined below. Rush requests are defined as files or documents needed in an extreme emergency situation (i.e., mandated by law).

The University Records Center staff guarantees delivery of  records within 72 hours of the weekday request. All requests received before 12:00 PM will be available for pickup at the Records Center warehouse the same day starting at 2:00 PM. Any requests received after 12:00 PM will be available the following business day after 10:00 AM.

All records requested will be forwarded to the department of origin. Access/reference will be provided only to authorized department staff. Only authorized employees within a department may make requests for files. If a department needs information from another department’s records, the originating department has to contact the Records Center to authorize the request.

Returning Records:

Records may be returned either in person or by emailing the Archives department and we will arrange for the records to be picked-up


No interfiling of additional records into boxes already in Archives is permitted unless the boxes were originally transferred with that permission granted by the Records Clerk or that permission is received from the Records Clerk prior to sending them to Archives to be interfiled.

Last updated: 3/9/2022